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Oasis of the soul
(Semnan - Iran, March 2014)

We leave the town Naein and head further east in the Iranian desert. It is now our fourth visit to Iran, but we have never visited the desert wilderness of this vast country before. <more>
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Stress at the border with Iraq and Iran
(Marivan - Iran, March 2014)

In good spirits we left the hectic traffic of the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah behind us, and drove over the dry plains, on the way to the border with Iran. <more>
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On the road to Erbil
(Sulaymaniyah - Iraq, February 2014)

Traveling through the north of Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan) can be done in a safe and responsible manner. You must be sure to stay in the area that is under full control of the Kurdish Authority. <more>
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Turkish - Iraqi border: Ibrahim Khalil
(Sulaymaniyah - Iraq, February 2014)

On our way to Iran, while in eastern Turkey, we had to make a decision. What is the route we take to Iran? The most obvious route is the Turkish-Iranian border post at the village of Esendere. <more>
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Mt Nemrut in winter
(Midyat - Turkey, February 2014)

A visit to eastern Turkey is probably not complete without a visit to the Nemrut Dagi National Park. On Mt Nemrut, a pre-Roman king built huge statues of himself and the gods. <more>
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From Pamukkale to Cappadocia
(Sanliurfa - Turkey, February 2014)

Two of the biggest tourist attractions in Turkey, are the water terraces of Pamukkale and the unearthly landscape of Cappadocia. They are about 800 kilometres apart. <more>
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Pergamum, Ephesus and Afrodisias
(Konya - Turkey, February 2014)

The far west and south of Turkey is home to a number of classical cities, that over the past millennia have fallen into often only a pile of stones, for which you need a lot of imagination. <more>
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The battle of Gallipoli
(Eceabat - Turkey, January 2014)

The First World War, also known as the Great War, was a world war mainly centred in Europe that began on July 28, 1914 and lasted until November 11, 1918. Gallipoli was an important battle. <more>
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Kosovo: the youngest country in Europe?
(Skopje - Macedonia, January 2014)

When we think of Kosovo, we think especially of a troubled area. During the last Balkan war of the 90s, this tiny country, or Serbian region as some will say, had much to suffer from the war. <more>
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Black Mountain
(Pristina - Kosovo, January 2014)

It won’t surprise most people when they hear that Montenegro literally means "Black Mountain". This small and mountainous country in the southern part of the Balkan is a tourist paradise. <more>
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Sarajevo and Mostar: great city trip destinations
(Kotor - Montenegro, January 2014)

When people are considering a city trip in Europe, most people think about Barcelona, Rome, London, Paris, or maybe Budapest or Prague. But if you want something very different .... <more>
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Belgrade, the white city
(Mostar - Bosnia & herzegovina, January 2014)

Belgrade literally means white city. But this is not true. Belgrade is mostly a grey and dreary place, but despite that, it has a lot of charm. In fact, after visiting two other capitals in the region. <more>
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Zagreb: a destination in its own
(Belgrade - Serbia, December 2013)

The journey over the perfect highway from Ljubljana, which is the capital of Slovenia, to the Croatian capital Zagreb, is a short one. Only 150 kilometres seperate these two major cities. <more>
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Ljubljana: gateway to the Balkan
(Zagreb - Croatia, December 2013)

Officially, little Slovenia isn’t part of the group of Balkan countries. However, most people have the feeling that Slovenia is part of this group. <more>
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Stalin world
(Bialowieza - Poland, August 2013)

During Soviet times, many squares and parks in towns and villages in the Soviet Republics were ‘decorated’ with statues of communistic comrades. This also happened in Lithuania. <more>
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Russian visa run from Estonia
(St. Petersburg - Russia, August 2013)

At the end of this year, we hope to apply for a multiple entry, one year business visa for Russia. This is because we want to visit Central Asia next year, and a long term visa would be nice to have. <more>
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Kurzeme, Latvia’s coastal province
(Riga - Latvia, July 2013)

Kurzeme is Latvia’s western province and that makes it also the countries coastal province. The Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga make up approximately three-quarters of the province’s border. <more>
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A 007-feeling in Lithuania
(Ventspils - Latvia, July 2013)

You probably know the typical James Bond cold war stories from the 007 movies. The Russians have nuclear weapons that they can launch from an underground base. <more>
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The Curonian Spit
(Ventspils - Latvia, July 2013)

The Curonian Spit is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lithuania. It is a very narrow piece of land that separates the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. <more>
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Wandering dunes
(Gdansk - Poland, June 2013)

The Slowinski National Park is a special park. It does not only has forests, lakes and some deer and wild boar on offer, but also wandering dunes. I hear you think: wandering dunes?. <more>
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Beach and forest
(Leba - Poland, June 2013)

Our first acquaintance with Poland was the small town called Miedzyzdroje, just 20 kilometers from the border with Germany, in the far northwest of the country. <more>
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Beautiful, but a little bit grey
(Rügen Island - Germany, June 2013)

The northern part of Germany was never a destination that was high on our wish list of places to visit. But when we were on our way to the Baltic States, we visited some places. <more>
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Sand, mud, dust and steep hills
(Gartow - Germany, June 2013)

We eventually departed for the second time with our Land Cruiser. We decided a couple of years ago to buy this 4-wheel drive jeep because of its simplicity and the fact that the car is strong. <more>
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Arslanbob, Kyrgyz village life
(Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan, May 2013)

Nowadays, more and more travellers are heading to Kyrgyzstan to taste something of Central Asia. Many foreigners do not need a visa anymore, which makes this little country a great base. <more>
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Osh, Kyrgyzstan's Silk Road city
(Osh - Kyrgyzstan, April 2013)

We are slowly travelling eastwards over the famous Silk Road. It is not our specific goal to travel this ancient trade route, but it is just the most convenient way for us to travel to Kyrgyzstan. <more>
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Ashgabat: marble city
(Mary - Turkmenistan, March 2013)

A nice aspect about travelling is that you sometimes visit destinations you were almost unaware of. Most of the times, these destinations are surprising because the expectations are blank. <more>
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Border crossing: Iran – Turkmenistan
(Ashgabat - Turkmenistan, March 2013)

Land border crossing are often exciting. Especially when the crossing is between Iran and one of world’s most isolated countries: Turkmenistan. <more>
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Qom, home of Iran's religious clerics
(Kashan - Iran, February 2013)

Qom is after Mashad the holiest city in Iran. It is also one of the fastest growing cities of the country and it is the home of the religious clerics that rule Iran since the Islamic revolution of 1979. <more>
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Thousand and one night?
(Tehran - Iran, February 2013)

The last stop on our 6-weeks journey through the gulf region is the United Arab Emirates. Also called the UAE, this group of seven emirates decided form one country together. <more>
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Biak: a small paradise in Northern Papua
(Wamena - Indonesia, Oktober 2012)

It is hard to suppress our smiles when our plane lands on Biak's 'International Airport'. This airport isn’t situated near a busy international destination, but on the sleepy island of Biak. <more>
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Birds of Paradise; the easy way
(Sentani - Indonesia, September 2012)

The world has in total 43 different species of Birds of Paradise. With the exception of 4 species, all species can be found on New Guinea and its satellite islands. <more>
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Wasur NP: a perfect Papuan experience
(Merauke - Indonesia, August 2012)

It is already a long standing dream to visit Papua. We were one time in Papua before, in 2009, when we only visited the Arfak Mountains near the city of Manokwari in the Vogelkop-area. <more>
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Beach bums and us
(Padre Burgos - Philippines, July 2012)

Jorn and Robin, travel together with us for 6 weeks through the Philippines. The boys like sea, sand and surfing, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to head to the Filipino Archipelago. <more>
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Camiguin, an unspoiled paradise
(Surigao - Philippines, July 2012)

Camiguin is an example of a destination that shouldn’t be missed when you bring a visit to the southern part of the Philippines. This relatively unspoiled little island, is a real paradise. <more>
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(Camiguin Island - Philippines, July 2012)

Both Bangkok and Manila are capital cities in Asia, but the differences are significant. We spent some times in Manila (Philippines) and we enjoyed it. <more>
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