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El Salvador still suffers under her image
(Managua - Nicaragua, February 2018)

Suppose that there is a country called Tropisun. It is a country with volcanoes, a beautiful landscape, good surf spots and colourful towns with bustling markets and friendly people. <more>
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Honduras to El Salvador, via Guatemala
(San Miguel - El Salvador, January 2018)

It is currently quite messy in Honduras. The Presidential elections were held at the end of last year and the ‘loser’ does not accept his loss. And that is in itself a very reasonable point of view. <more>
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El Salvador’s most famous Volcano
(San Salvador - El Salvador, December 2017)

Santa Ana is a colourful town with a few old colonial buildings and beautiful squares. On a square, bordering a street with many brothels, fireworks is sold from ramshackle little street stalls. <more>
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"The Dominican Republic has it all"
(Santa Ana - El Salvador, December 2017)

You would not expect it, but the Dominican Republic welcomes more than five million tourists a year. This makes it the most popular travel destination in the Caribbean. <more>
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In search of the Quetzal
(Coban - Guatemala, June 2017)

One of the most appealing birds you can see in Central America is the Quetzal. It is the national bird of Guatemala and its image can be found on the flag of the country and in its coat of arms. <more>
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Belize: A Caribbean enclave in Central America
(Quetzaltenango - Guatemala, June 2017)

By crossing the border between Guatemala and Belize, it looks like we are going back in time. A few years back, we visited several Caribbean islands. <more>
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Via the human trafficking route to Guatemala
(Flores - Guatemala, May 2017)

It's half past six in the morning when the alarm clock goes. Today we cross the border between Mexico and Guatemala. However, it is not a normal border crossing. <more>
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Copper Canyon Train Journey
(Chihuahua - Mexico, March 2017)

The world knows a good number of spectacular train journeys. You would not expect it, but Mexico also has its own classical train ride: the Copper Canyon Train Journey. <more>
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The Yucatan Peninsula has something for everyone
(Campeche - Mexico, January 2017)

A long-haired, tattooed backpacker is walking on the sidewalk along the main road of Tulum. The centre of Tulum seems to exist of only one street .... <more>
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PR: mixing Latin American culture with American materialism
(Barranquitas - Puerto Rico, December 2016)

Salsa music blares from the loudspeakers of the Mc Donalds. The cheerful, uplifting tones ensure that even we, stiff Dutchies, are gently moving along in our chairs on the tones of the music. <more>
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Soccer religion
(Cáceres - Spain, June 2016)

The last Saturday of May 2016 is in Madrid only dedicated to one thing. It is a shared passion that seems to some almost a form of religion. However, the believers worship different gods. <more>
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In the footsteps of Fernando, Isabel and Columbus
(Horcajo de los Montes - Spain, May 2016)

Spain is touristy; mega touristy. Especially the coasts and major cities are slowly but surely beginning to become a tourist disaster. But who searches well, still find gems. <more>
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Kaliningrad: a smuggler’s nest
(Kaliningrad - Russia, December 2015)

Kaliningrad is a part of Russia which is sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, and has no connection to Russia. Kaliningrad is an exclave of Russia within the borders of the EU. <more>
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Edwin & Ivonne: Backpack Terrorists?
(Warsaw - Poland, November 2015)

Returning to the EU is normally just a formality for us. At airports, border control usually only checks the passports on authenticity without entering anything into the computer system. <more>
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No stamp please !
(Limassol - Cyprus, October 2015)

When we hear the sound of a rubber stamp when we go through immigration, we are stressed. We just arrived at the airport of the Turkish part of Cyprus, called Ercan Airport. <more>
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'Cruising' the Caspian Sea
(Baku - Azerbaijan, September 2015)

One of the most memorable boat trips in the world is undoubtedly the crossing of the Caspian Sea between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. The boat crossing was once popular. <more>
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By train through Kazakhstan
(Atyrau - Kazakhstan, September 2015)

Kazakhstan is huge; very huge. Here a few figures to emphasize the size of this country for the sake of clarity. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. <more>
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Back to Aralsk and its sea
(Uralsk - Kazakhstan, September 2015)

After almost twenty years we return to Aralsk, the town on the Kazakh steppe that is most associated with the Aral Sea; once the fourth largest lake in the world. <more>
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The Bartang valley: a wild part of the Pamirs
(Khujand - Tajikistan, July 2015)

Like most travellers we love maps. What is more fun than gazing at a map and wondering how all these villages and roads look in real life. One road in he Pamir Mountains caught our eye. <more>
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Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains
(Osh - Kyrgyszstan, July 2015)

In June 2015 we travelled again to Central Asia. And this time with only one real purpose, the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan. Last year we tried to accomplish this journey already. <more>
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FIFA 2018 qualifier: Kyrgyzstan - Australia
(Osh - Kyrgyszstan, June 2015)

The national football team of Kyrgyzstan is positioned 177th on the FIFA world rankings. And that is not high. Still, we decided to see a game of them. <more>
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With a transatlantic cruise to Europe
(Bishkek - Kyrgyszstan, June 2015)

On May 4, we check in on the Brilliance of the Seas, a 4-star-plus cruise ship that will take us from Tampa in the US, to Zeebrugge in Belgium. <more>
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Miami, America with a latin flavour
(Tampa - USA, May 2015)

We can only spend ten days to get an impression of the southern part of Florida, before we board a cruise ship to cross the Atlantic to go back to Europe. <more>
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Trinidad & Tobago: underexplored and uncontrived
(Miami - USA, May 2015)

Trinidad & Tobago was our last stop on our trip to some of the Lesser Antillean islands in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. This is a relatively underexplored and uncontrived destination. <more>
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Grenada has it all
(Tobago - Trinidad & Tobago, April 2015)

After Barbados, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada is the fourth country we visit in this string of lesser Antillean islands in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. <more>
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St Vincent and the Grenadines: Caribbean island hopping
(Carriacou - Grenada, April 2015)

When we were planning our trip through the Caribbean, we were immediately attracted to the island nation called St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). <more>
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‘You are causing of a lot of problems for us'
(Carriacou - Grenada, April 2015)

Can you imagine that you arrive in a hotel and that the first words you hear from the owner are: ‘You are causing a lot of problems for us’. No, we wouldn’t believe it either if it didn’t happen to us. <more>
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St Lucia: friendly beach paradise with a green heart
(Kingstown - St. Vincent, March 2015)

After a rather boring visit to Barbados, we hope that St Lucia will be a more inspirational destination. The island in the heart of the Lesser Antilles is not only a beach destination. <more>
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Barbados: sun, sea and sand
(Gros Islet - St. Lucia, March 2015)

Barbados is undoubtedly one of the islands in the Caribbean with the most appealing name. Most people think about just three things: sun, sea and beach. <more>
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Birdwatching in Jamaica
(Kingston - Jamaica, March 2015)

Jamaica is a small island in the heart of the Caribbean and is best known for the reggae music, abundant nightlife, and rum. However, the land of Bob Marley is also very tropical. <more>
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Jamaica, safe or not?
(Kingston - Jamaica, March 2015)

Most travellers planning to visit Jamaica as a holiday destination, must sooner or later ask themselves the question if Jamaica is safe enough to visit. <more>
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Backpacking in Jamaica; what does it cost?
(Kingston - Jamaica, March 2015)

Jamaica seems at first sight a true backpacker's paradise. However, in reality you see only a few backpackers here and the main reason is the high price. <more>
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The fats, almost dead, and newlyweds
(Montego Bay - Jamaica, February 2015)

What brought you to the Cayman Islands many will probably ask? The answer is quite simple. We wanted to fly from Cuba to Jamaica, and the airline of the Cayman Islands. <more>
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Birding in Zapata
(Havana - Cuba, February 2015)

Cuba is a great country to travel in. Crumbling cities, old American cars, an interesting recent history and the typical Cuban way of life, makes this a great country. <more>
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A Cuban Sunday in Sancti Spiritus
(Cienfuegos - Cuba, February 2015)

It’s an ordinary Sunday when we visit Sancti Spiritus. This provincial capital in the hearth of Cuba is often overlooked by travellers, as there are cities nearby with more picture perfect sights. <more>
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La Habana
(Viñales - Cuba, January 2015)

Travellers knows the feeling; cities that have some kind of an attraction. It can be the name, the history, the country in where the city is located, or just an unexplainable feeling. <more>
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Matanzas, the perfect introduction to Cuba
(Havana - Cuba, January 2015)

We land on the airport of Varadero after a flight of almost ten hours with one of the planes of the German airline Air Berlin. Varadero is one of the most popular beach destinations of Cuba. <more>
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A visit to the Vatican Museum
(Assisi - Italy, October 2014)

It is half past seven in the morning, when the alarm clock goes off in our tent at the campsite is the western part of Rome. We get dressed, eat our breakfast and walk to the bus stop. <more>
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BiH: land with complex background
(Shkodra - Albania, August 2014)

For the second time within a year, we paid a visit to Bosnia & Herzegovina. This beautiful heart-shaped country is literally and figuratively the heart of the Western Balkans. <more>
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‘The best road in the world'
(Timisoara - Romania, July 2014)

These are the words of the men of Top Gear: "The Transfagarasan road in Romania is the best road in the world and an unforgettable experience for any driver behind the wheel. <more>
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Transnistria, renegade Moldovan province
(Carta - Romania, July 2014)

Moldova is undoubtedly one of the least known countries in Europe. It is sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine, and that it was once part of the Soviet Union, is what most people only know. <more>
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The most popular destination in the Caucasus
(Tbilisi - Georgia, May 2014)

You wouldn’t probably expect it, but Georgia is nowadays a popular holiday destination for the more adventurous traveller; especially among Polish and Israeli travellers. <more>
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Churches, Ladas and black leather jackets
(Vanadzor - Armenia, April 2014)

Armenia is the poorest and most isolated country in the Caucasus, and perhaps for that reason we actually do not know much about it. <more>
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The Iranian - Armenian border
(Yerevan - Armenia, April 2014)

The Aras River forms the southern boundary of the Caucasus. The river originates in eastern Turkey, and serves a large part of its course as a border river. <more>
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Driving in Iran
(Tehran - Iran, March 2014)

We were in Iran three times before, but all those times we travelled with the backpack. This year we came back for our fourth visit, but now with our own jeep. <more>
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