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The end of our first China trip
(Guăngzhōu - China, February 2010)

We arrived in the southern Chinese metropolis of Guăngzhōu, and that means that our first trip to China’s mainland comes almost to an end. We had a great time! <more>
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A little bit of traditional China
(Guìlín - China, January 2010)

Before we started our journey in China, we hoped to experience some of the old and traditional China. We knew that it wouldn’t be easy, in this fast changing country. <more>
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Crane Kingdom
(Chángshā - China, January 2010)

We travelled all the way to the city of Nánchāng with only one goal in mind: to see the cranes. Nánchāng is the ugly capital of the Chinese province Jiāngxī, but it really doesn’t matter to us.<more>
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The Chinese town of love: Hángzhōu
(Tunxi - China, January 2010)

Hángzhōu is our second destination in China after visiting Shànghăi. The contrast between these two cities is big. It is commerce versus romance. <more>
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Our first acquaintance with China: Shanghai
(Shanghai - China, December 2009)

We arrived yesterday from Bangkok in Shanghai for our first visit to China. Because it was already late in the afternoon, we didn’t do more than taking a bus to the city centre and looking for a hotel. <more>
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Cruising to the Bahamas
(Bangkok - Thailand, December 2009)

The parents of Edwin celebrated their 40 years wedding anniversary this year and wanted to celebrate this occasion in a special way; they took us on a cruise in Florida. <more>
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Taiwan: Touching your heart
(Bangkok - Thailand, October 2009)

Tourism dollars are more than welcome in most countries and Taiwan isn’t an exception. The Taiwanese tourism agency has launched a campaign titled “Taiwan: touching your heart”. <more>
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Green Island: Taiwanese Holiday Island
(Kaohsiung - Taiwan, September 2009)

In the south east of Taiwan, only thirty kilometres from the shore of the city of Taitung, you will find Green Island. This island is immensely popular with local holidaymakers. <more>
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Taipei: our first acquaintance with Taiwan
(Hualien - Taiwan, September 2009)

On September 8th we fly from Kuala Lumpur in Malyasia to the Taiwanese capital city Taipei. As a matter of fact, we really don’t know a lot of Taiwan and what to expect. <more>
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Phu Quoc, a tropical paradise
(Long Beach - Vietnam, August 2009)

The Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc has everything you can expect from a tropical island. It has white sandy beaches lined with swaying palms, an emerald blue sea and small fishing villages. <more>
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Neck breakers
(Vinh - Vietnam, August 2009)

Today we plan to make the bus journey from Ninh Binh to Hue in Vietnam. It will be a long day. The trip is 650 kilometres and the bus company told us that it will take approximately 14 hours. <more>
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Hanoi - the old lady of the orient
(Ninh Binh - Vietnam, August 2009)

It is such a pity that so few capital cities in south-eastern Asia weren't able to keep their traditional Asian character while they developed. But there are exceptions. Hanoi is such a place. <more>
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A visit to Brunei
(Kuching - Malaysia, July 2009)

For some countries it is difficult to imagine what you can expect from it. Brunei is such a country. We saw this little country already many times in our atlas, but do not know what to expect. <more>
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Uncle Tan’s, jungle paradise or semi-zoo?
(Kota Kinabalu - Malaysia, June 2009)

Uncle Tan’s is a legend in Sabah. It is the most famous spot in this part of Malaysian Borneo to experience the real jungle, but especially also to see the Orang-Utans in the wild. <more>
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In search of the Birds of Paradise
(Manokwari - Indonesia, June 2009)

There are a number of animal species that are high on everybody’s wish list for seeing them in the wild. These lists often include species like the Lion, Tiger, Orang Utan and the Elephant. <more>
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Independence Day in Timor-Leste
(Dili - Timor Leste, May 2009)

On the morning of Independence Day, we get up early to miss nothing of the celebrations. When we arrive at the parliament buildings, it is already very busy with people. <more>
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Destination Timor-Leste
(Dili -Timor Leste, May 2009)

Timor Leste (East Timor) is the youngest country in South East Asia and gained its independence in 2002, after a long and bloody fight with occupier Indonesia. <more>
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As traditional as traditional can be
(Moni - Indonesia, May 2009)

Ari is a boy of seventeen years old and he wants to become a guide. He studies on the school for tourism in Ruteng and he is very eager to practise his English. <more>
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In the clouds
(Pelni boat from Denpasar to Labuang Bajo - Indonesia, April 2009)

Today is a day that we are mainly going to spend in the clouds. It is the day that we are travelling from Ternate in the northern part of the Moluccas, to the small holiday island of Bali. <more>
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Cruising in Indonesia
(Ternate - Indonesia, April 2009)

The Indonesian Archipelago consists of thousands of island, some big, and many very small. Travelling by boat was in the past the most important way to reach many of these islands. <more>
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The girls from Ambon
(Banda Naira - Indonesia, April 2009)

Sometimes we are lucky to meet local people with whom we can spend a day. It gives us the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the area we are travelling in. <more>
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On the way with the Sparrow doctor
(Ambon - Indonesia, April 2009)

The Moluccan Scrubfowl or Wallace’s Megapode is one of the rarest birds in the world. This bird, which is high on the target list of many bird watchers, is still a relatively unknown bird.. <more>
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Crossing south Laos
(Vientiane - Laos, February 2009)

In February we crossed the Cambodian-Laotian border on foot. It is not possible to get a visa on arrival if you travel in this directionso we arranged it already in Bangkok. <more>
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Means of transport in Cambodia
(Stung Treng - Cambodia, February 2009)

During our trip through Cambodia, we have seen a lot of “means of transport” in action. Some are very predictable, but many are not. Read more about it. <more>
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The temples of Preah Khan
(Stung Treng - Cambodia, February 2009)

We decided to bring a visit to the remote located Preah Khan temples. The temples were a little bit disappointing because of the looting, but the ride to/from the temples was exciting. <more>
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Phnom Penh
(Kampong Thom - Cambodia, February 2009)

Most capital cities in Asia are not pleasant. But Phnom Penh is a positive exception. The city has great sights and a very nice atmosphere. It is a great city to spend some time in. <more>
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The Cardamom Mountains
(Phnom Penh - Cambodia, February 2009)

We went ot the Cardamom Mountains because we wanted to see one of the last remaining jungles of Cambodia. However, parts of the forests are already cleared and replaced by plantations. <more>
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Philippines: flashback
(Clark - Philippines, January 2009)

We really didn’t know what to expect from our journey to the Philippines. We have met several people last one and a half year that did visit the Philippines, and the stories the told were diverse. <more>
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The Romblon Islands
(Guintubdan - Philippines, December 2008)

We are sitting in a jeepney and a child facing us is staring at us with an open mouth. It is the first time in her life that she sees white people live. <more>
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We survived it again
(Magdiwan - Philippines, December 2008)

We had a very bad night’s rest. That is something you can expect when your hotel is located near a videoke-bar. The bar closed its doors at around 03.00 hours in the morning. <more>
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