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Albania is one of Europe's last 'unknown' countries. At least, it was for us. We experienced the country as very hospitable and enjoyable, but in some ways also very curious. <more>

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The poorest country in the Caucasus is Armenia. It is an interesting and friendly destination with a rich and traumatic history. <more>

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Arriving by Caspian Sea ferry from Kazakhstan in Azerbaijan is like entering a different world. The oil rich Caucasian nation is prosperous and can especially been seen in Baku. <more>

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Bahrain is often mentioned in the same breath with other countries in the region like Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Is it as interesting? <more>

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There aren't al lot of travelers that bring a visit to Bangladesh. It is too poor, and there is noting to see, is what they say. They make a big mistake. Bangladesh absolutely has its charm. <more>

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Barbados is undoubtedly one of the islands in the Caribbean with the most appealing name. Most people think about just three things: sun, sea and beach. <more>

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By many, Belarus is seen as the last real dictatorship in Europe. Getting a visa for this one of the least know countries in Europe isn't easy. A Russian experience wthout the crowds. <more>

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Belize is located in Central America, but it can't be compared with any other Central American country. Belize is different, very different. It is Caribbean!. <more>

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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovia is one of the main victims of the Balkan Civil War. Who doesn't remember places like Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luca, Tuzla and Srebrenica on the news. <more>

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Brunei is a not often visited little country on Borneo. All that most people know is that it is ruled by a sultan and that it's all about oil and money in Brunei. <more>

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Bulgaria was the last country we crossed in the Balkan before we drove into its huge neighbour Turkey, and Sofia was the only place we visited during our first ever visit to Bulgaria. <more>

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Cambodia is one of the most popular travel destinations in South-east Asia. Much has to do with the tremendous Angkor temples near Siem Reap. But Cambodia has much more to offer. <more>

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Cape Verde

This archipelago is a safe and easy going destination in the Atlantic. It has superb hiking possibilities, good wine and a lot of diversity. <more>

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Cayman Islands

We never thought ever bringing a visit to the Cayman Island. But, we did. Our plane from Cuba to Jamaica brought us to Cayman, and we decided to stay a few days.. <more>

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China is becoming the economic super power in the world. We are travelling to China to see these new developments, but certainly also to see something of traditional China and its nature. <more>

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Colombia is a country with a bad image. Almost none of the people you will probably speak, will consider a visit to this country in Southern America. We went. Did we survive? <more>

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most visited destinations in Latin America. And it is not difficult to see why. Its safe, well-developed and the nature is world-class. <more>

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For most visitors, Croatia is a holiday destination for beach and sun. Besides that, it was one of the former Yugoslavian Republics. <more>

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A country with so many things to say about: boycott, old American Cars, revolution, communist, music, Fidel Castro and Che Guavara. <more>

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Cyprus is both Greek and Turkish. The small island is still one of the 'war' zones in Europe. However, relations between the two parts are slightly improving. <more>

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic receives millions of visitors every year. The good news is that most of them do not leave Prague. That means that there are still many places to discover. <more>

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Denmark is a little bit like our home country The Netherlands. Lots of tourists like to visit the capital city, but not many venture to other parts of the country. <more>

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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the most diverse countries of the Caribbean. It shares the island of Hispaniona with its neighbour Haiti, and is a great destination to get the Caribbean vibe. <more>

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El Salvador

Probably the most known country in Central America, El Salvador, is not on the travel list of many tourists. But the civil war ended a long time ago, and the country deserves a new chance. <more>

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Estonia is, as part of the former Soviet Union, often seen as a country with strong cultural links with Russia. But that's not true. The country is very North European or even Scandinavian. <more>

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What do we know about Finland? It's one of the Scandinavian countries, they have good Formula 1 drivers, and it is the home of Santa Claus and its reindeers. <more>

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Most people will still not consider a holiday in the Caucasus area (yet). The image of this area is still not very good. But this will change, and Georgia will be the first one <more>

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Germany is our eastern neighbour. We cross it many times on the way to other destinations. But Germany is a destination in itself ... it is tremendously beautiful. <more>

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Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Most visitors arrive in the summer by plane and head directly to one of the many islands. We did not. <more>

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If you want to visit a safe and not too crowdy island in the Caribbean with beautiful beaches, a stunning hinterland and good facilities, Grenada is probably a good choice. <more>

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Guatemala is a small, beautiful and well visited country in Central America. There is a lot see, from huge volcanoes to the interesting culture of the Maya's. <more>

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Honduras is a country with a turbulent recent history, like many countries in the region. And it seems difficult for the country to take the right steps forward. <more>

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India is a country with many faces. The diversity is huge, which means that it can please every traveller. However, the country can also be frustrating in some ways. <more>

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Indonesia is huge and diverse. Every island of the Indonesian Archipelago has its own culture, flora and fauna. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in Indonesia. <more>

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Iran is a country that often has a bad image in the news. However, if you spend some time to learn more about the country and especially its people, you will be surprised. <more>

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Most people in the world have the image that Iraq is still a war zone. This image is partly right. But what they do not know is that a large part of northern Iraq is safe and welcoming. <more>

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On the way back from our one year journey with the jeep to the Caucasus countries and Iran & Iraq, we decided to bring a visit to Italy, one of Europe's most popular destinations . <more>

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One of the most exciting countries to visit in the Caribbean Sea is without doubt Jamaica: the land of Reggae, rum, marihuana, and the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt. <more>

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Our plan at the beginning of our journey was to skip Japan. It is expensive and not easy to visit because of its location. But eventually, we decided to go; just for a brief visit. <more>

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As one of the former Soviet Union republics, Kazakhstan is a country that needs to built up its own identity. This young country is facing one of the huge ecological disasters of our time. <more>

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When we think of Kosovo, we think especially of a troubled area. During the last Balkan war of the 90s, this tiny country, or Serbian region as some will say, had much to suffer from the war. <more>

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If you ask a random person somewhere in the world about Kuwait, he or she probably describes Kuwait as the ultra-rich oil state in the Middle East, but there is more. <more>

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Kyrgyzstan is that little mountainous country in Central Asia with its soaring peaks and rugged ranges. It is one of the most popular destinations for adventurous travellers in the region. <more>

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One of the countries in South-east Asia that does not have world famous sights, is Laos. But that doesn't seem to matter. Laos is still very hot on the backpackers trail. <more>

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Latvia is sandwiched between the two other Baltic Countries: Estonia and Lithuania. But it isn't crushed by the other two at all. The capital Riga is its gem, but there is so much more. <more>

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Libya is a huge desert country in the north of Africa. Last decades, Libya has opened his doors more and more for foreign travellers. <more>

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All that most people know about Lithuania is that the small country was part of the Soviet Union. It is the gateway to the Baltic States for most Europeans and has some interesting surprises. <more>

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We visited Macedonia on our trip through the Balkan. So far, we only saw the country's capital Skopje. And that was a good introduction. But it has so much more on offer. <more>

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Madagascar is probably one of the most splendid countries to visit in Africa. Beautiful nature combined with a relative safe environment is hard to find in present Africa. <more>

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One of the most relaxed countries to visit in Asia is Malaysia. The country is safe, modern and the people are extremely friendly. Besides that, there is a lot to see. The perfect country? <more>

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One of the beautiful Sahel countries is Mali. The country is full of traditions and has famous highlights like Timbouktou and the Dogon valley. <more>

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Mexico is the first real introduction for us to Latin America during our longer journey. A country with some major problem, but damn .... its so beautiful and the people are so friendly. <more>

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Moldova is a very small country sqeezed between its big neighbours Ukraine and Romania. Although it has no real "touristic" highlights, it is still a nice country to visit. <more>

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Mongolia is without any doubt the nomad country of the world. Half of its population is still nomad, so the country offers great opportunities to learn more about their lifestyle. But there's more. <more>

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Montenegro is one of the former Yugoslavian countries that became independent in the 90s. It is a small nation but has thanks to its natural beauty a very prosporous future ahead. <more>

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There are many discussions going on about going to Myanmar or not. We did, and we didn't regret. Decide for yourself if you want to go or not. <more>

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Nepal is the not only the country of the high Himalayas. It has also a diversity of cultures and a beautiful lowland (The Terai) with some great national parks. <more>

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The recent history of Nicaragua is chaotic and violent. But the country recovered impressingly. More and more travelers come to this peaceful and safe paradise in Central America. <more>

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Many people have the opion that Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. And indeed, the landscape is stunning. <more>

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Oman was already standing a long time high on our country wish list. We didn't know much about it. All we knew was that it is exceptionally beautiful. And yes, it is. Even better than expected. <more>

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Pakistan is the bridge between the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. While it is still a risky country to visit, its diversity is immense. <more>

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The Philippines is still a relatively seldom visited archipelago in Southeast Asia. Nobody knows exactly why. And that is a pity, because it is a beautiful country with very friendly people. <more>

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Most people in Europe know the Polish people as migratory workers. They come to work in the fields, construction, etc. The country they come from, is still seldomly visited. And that's a shame. <more>

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Portugal is one of the smaller countries in Europe, but that does not mean that the country has nothing to offer. To the contrary, it is a country where everything is on offer. <more>
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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is officially a territory of the USA, but there is not much on this green and lush island that resembles you a lot with one of the world's most powerful nations. <more>
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Probably one of the Gulf's region most known countries is Qatar. Supported by huge wealth thanks to its natural resources, Qatar tries to conquer a place on the world stage. <more>

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Romania is probabaly still the most rural country in Europe. Horse carts are still very common in the country. But its developing fast and soon everything will be different. <more>

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Russia is the biggest country on our planet and not much travelled outside the big cities. This makes Russia one of the most interesting countries to visit. <more>

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Sao Tome & Principe

These small, fertile islands near to the equator are a perfect destination if you want to have a break from travelling on the main land of Africa. <more>

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Serbia is not very often in the news on a positive way. The country played an infamous role in the Balkan war of the 90s, and it is plagued by corruption, poverty and organised criminality. <more>

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Singapore has the image of being a dull and sterile city. It has everything to do with the fact that the government is handling a zero tolerance policy for many things. Is Singapore really dull? <more>

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Slovakia is one of the two brothers that used to form Czechoslovakia. But now they are on their own feet and for this reason Slovakia is a travel destination in it's own. <more>
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This country, which was part of Yugoslavia in the past, isn't Slavic at all. They connect much more with for example Austria, than with its Balkan neighbours. <more>
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South Korea

Why should you go to South Korea? That is a difficult question to answer. It doesn't has the spectacular highlights that many visitors seek in their destination. <more>

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Spain is one of the most diverse and popular tourist destinations in Europe. With the exception of a short visit to Madris we never went there. This had to change. We went on a road trip. <more>

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the little island state at the southern tip of huge neighbour India. It does not only have great cultural sights, but is also a tremendous destination for nature and beach lovers. <more>

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St. Lucia

For most visitors, the Caribbean is mainly a destination for sun, sea and beaches. But there are exceptions. St. Lucia for example. A beach paradise with a green heart . <more>

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St. Vincent & The Grenadines

St. Vincent & The Grenadines is probably one of the countries with the most beautiful and exotic names. And this island nation deserves the name. It is tremendously beautiful. <more>

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Sweden is the country of lakes, forests, and many more forests. It is also a very friendly and well-organised country. A heaven of piece nowadays in a more and more hectic Europe. <more>

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Not many foreign tourists bring a visit to Taiwan. It is partly understandable because it hasn't any world-famous highlights. But is has something else: it's extremely kind and friendly people. <more>

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Most people associate Tajikistan with its dramatic highland. If you mention the Pamir Mountains to any adventurous traveller, his or her eyes are probably going to twinkle. <more>

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Thailand is an often visited, by travellers with very different reasons to come here. Despite the fact that it is heavily travelled, it is still a great and friendly destination.. <more>

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Timor Leste

Timor Leste is a country with a violent recent history. It only gained independence in 2002 after a long and bloody fight with occupier Indonesia. Go there before the crowds do!. <more>

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Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago is a relatively underexplored and uncontrived destination. It is actually more a South American destination than a Caribbean one . <more>

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Turkey was the country where we started our long journey almost seven years ago. But by then, we ony visited Istanbul and Erzurum. But we came back to see more. <more>

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Turkmenistan is one of world's most isolated countries, mainly due to the fact that the country is governed since its independence by totalitarian and xenophobic regimes. <more>

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United Arab Emirates

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are more and more on the radar of many travellers. It is a Arab country in the gulf region, but does it still have the Arabian atmosphere?. <more>

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United States of America

It is till now the most powerful country in the world. For many people it is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world to travel to. Combine comfort with beauty. <more>

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Uzbekistan is one of the countries in the region that is most connected to the world famous Silk Road, once world's most important trading route between the east and the west.. <more>

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Vietnam is a country that is still often associated with the Vietnam war that the Americans fought here decades ago. However, Vietnam recovered from it and is an interesting destination to visit. <more>

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