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Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei - photo impression
(Netherlands, Februari 2016)

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One of the most relaxed countries to visit in South-east Asia are Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, a set of countries to get a good taste of what South-east Asia has to offer. <more>
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Brunei - a friendly destination on Borneo
(Singapore - Singapore, July 2009)

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Brunei is a not often visited little country on Borneo. All that most people know is that it is ruled by a sultan and that it's all about oil and money in Brunei. <more>
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A visit to Brunei
(Kuching - Malaysia, July 2009)

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For some countries it is difficult to imagine what you can expect from it. Brunei is such a country. We saw this little country already many times in our atlas, but do not know what to expect. <more>
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