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Wagah - boasting at the border
(Mcleod Ganj - India, August 2007)

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Since 1948, a daily ceremony takes place at the border between India and Pakistan. This spectacle is a mix between choreographed theatre, and real national rivalry. <more>
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Scary moments 2: Quetta
(Islamabad - Pakistan, August 2007)

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You probably know them as well, the movies with a second episode, whose story is almost the same as the first movie. We also have a second episode on our story “Scary moments in Tripoli”. <more>
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From Zahedan to Quetta
(Quetta - Pakistan, August 2007)

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We have to wait two and a half hours before we can leave hell. And that is also hell, because the journey to Quetta takes 12 hours on a bumpy road, which makes it impossible to sleep. <more>
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