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Honduras to El Salvador, via Guatemala
(San Miguel - El Salvador, January 2018)

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It is currently quite messy in Honduras. The Presidential elections were held at the end of last year and the ‘loser’ does not accept his loss. And that is in itself a very reasonable point of view. <more>
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Copán Ruinas
(Copán Ruinas - Honduras, January 2018)

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One of the main sights of Honduras are the Maya Ruins of Copán. But not only the ruins are interesting. Also the nearby town and the surrounding mountains are well worth a visit. <more>
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"The Banana Republic of Honduras"
(San Miguel - El Salvador, January 2018)

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Honduras is a true "banana republic", there is not much discussion about that. For years the country has been one of the largest banana producers in the world, together with Ecuador. <more>
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