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The Indri Indri alias Babakoto, one of a kind
(Madagascar - Antananarivo, July 2001)

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The Indri is the biggest and most spectacular of all living lemurs. Its physique, its yell and the legends written about the Indri keep attracting researchers and tourists to Madagascar. <more>
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Parc National d’Andringitra, a colourful wonderland
(Madagascar - Ambalavao, July 2001)

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Parc National d’Andringitra has a colourful and diverse scenery with legends and fady (taboos) nearby. However, Andringitra isn’t one of the large attractions of Madagascar yet. <more>
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The chicken clucks
(Ihosy- Madagascar, July 2001)

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I can finally leave the village, and the good part of the story is that I do not have to walk myself. Jean-Pierre, picks me up at my legs, and while I am hanging upside down, we start walking. <more>
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