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Russian visa run from Estonia
(St. Petersburg- Russia, August 2013)

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At the end of this year, we hope to apply for a multiple entry, one year business visa for Russia. This is because we want to visit Central Asia next year, and a long term visa would be nice to have. <more>
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Don’t call us Russians!
(Narva - Estonia, August 2013)

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With both a bottle of vodka in one hand and a package of fruit juice in the other, they come and join us. Two men who need to share a single bottle of vodka is said to be saddest scene ever. <more>
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Tallinn - Disney wonderland
(Vosu - Estonia, July 2013)

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Tallinn is one of Europe's most charming capital cities. But the beauty of the city has its downturn. The town is nowadays more a Disney wonderland then a lively city. <more>
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