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Cape Verde: Great hiking and much more
(Praia- Cape Verde, November 2006)

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Cape Verde is a group of beautiful islands just outside the coast of Western Africa. The great diversity of the islands is probably its geatest asset. <more>
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(Mindelo- Cape Verde, November 2006)

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You probably know them as well, the mostly Western African men with beautiful shining teeth, typical African costumes and with a scale of products that they offer. <more>
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The Cape Verdian Ferry: Yes or No?
(São Filipe- Cape Verde, November 2006)

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It doesn’t matter what travel book you read, they all advise you not to travel by ferry between the Cape Verdian Islands. We decided to buy a ticket for a ferry to experience it ourselves. <more>
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Brava & Fogo: Hiking paradises in Cape Verde
(Mosteiros- Cape Verde, November 2006)

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Despite the fact that Brava does not have real acknowledged highlights, it appears to be a great island for hiking. Fogo on the other side, has its spectacular Pico. <more>
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