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    13-Dec-08 till 31-Dec-08 Happy 2009!
Pandan Island (Philippines) to Guintubdan (Philippines)
    26-Nov-08 till 12-Dec-08 Finally to the Philippines
Bangkok (Thailand) to Pandan Island (Philippines)
    06-Nov-08 till 25-Nov-08 The holiday has ended
The Netherlands to Bangkok (Thailand)
    10-Oct-08 till 05-Nov-08 A big step forward
Bay of Bengal to The Netherlands
    28-Sep-08 till 09-Oct-08 Going home
Rantepao (Indonesia) to Bay of Bengal
    06-Sep-08 till 27-Sep-08 Crosswise through Sulawesi
Batuputih (Indonesia) to Rantepao (Indonesia)
    21-Aug-08 till 05-Sep-08 Sweat Lip
Ubud (Indonesia) to Batuputih (Indonesia)
    31-Jul-08 till 20-Aug-08 Good food, volcanos and Galungan
Yogyakarta (Indonesia) to Ubud (Indonesia)
    12-Jul-08 till 31-Jul-08 The luxury of Java
Kalianda (Indonesia) to Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
    22-Jun-08 till 11-Jul-08 Crossing the equator
Ketembe (Indonesia) to Kalianda (Indonesia)
    05-Jun-08 till 21-Jun-08 On our own again
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Ketembe (Indonesia)
    03-May-08 till 04-Jun-08 Exploring Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
    15-Apr-08 till 02-May-08 Taking Bony M to Kuala Lumpur
Mandalay (Myanmar) to Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia)
    04-Apr-08 till 14-Apr-08 Long bus journeys
Bagan (Myanmar) to Mandalay (Myanmar)
    22-Mrt-08 till 03-Apr-08 The start of our second visit to Myanmar
Bangkok (Thailand) to Bagan (Myanmar)
    14-Mar-08 till 21-Mar-08 What a difference!
Dhaka (Bangladesh) to Bangkok (Thailand)
    17-Feb-08 till 13-Mar-08 Enjoying hospitality
Saint Martin (Bangladesh) to Dhaka (Bangladesh)
    31-Jan-08 till 16-Feb-08 Time for Bangladesh
Cherrapunjee (India) to Saint Martin (Bangladesh)
    21-Jan-08 till 30-Jan-08 On the way to the wettest place on earth
Kaziranga N.P. (India) to Cherrapunjee (India)
    09-Jan-08 till 20-Jan-08 Travel with all your senses
Kathmandu (Nepal) to Kaziranga N.P. (India)
    27-Dec-07 till 08-Jan-08 Myanmar?
Nagthali (Nepal) to Kathmandu (Nepal)
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