On this page you will find our weblog of the year 2007. In our weblog, we describe our day-to-day experiences in chronoligical order. The most recent weblog-articles are on the top of the list below. For articles, columns or photo impressions, use the navigation buttons above.
    08-Dec-07 till 26-Dec-07 Christmas in the Himalaya
Bareilly (India) to Nagthali (Nepal)
    19-Nov-07 till 07-Dec-07 On the way to Nepal
Jamnagar (India) to Bareilly (India)
    02-Nov-07 till 18-Nov-07 Gujarat: a good choice!
Diu (India) to Jamnagar (India)
    21-Oct-07 till 01-Nov-07 Do we stay in India, yes or no?
Bundi (India) to Diu (India)
    09-Oct-07 till 20-Oct-07 Life is good!
Alwar (India) to Bundi (India)
    23-Sep-07 till 08-Oct-07 Escape from the tourist trail
Leh (India) to Alwar (India)
    09-Sep-07 till 22-Sep-07 Delicious trekking
Leh (India) to Leh (India)
    22-Aug-07 till 08-Sep-07 Curry in a hurry in Leh
Manali (India) to Leh (India)
    09-Aug-07 till 21-Aug-07 On the way to India
Islamabad (Pakistan) to Manali (India)
    28-Jul-07 till 08-Aug-07 Crossing the border to Pakistan
Shiraz (Iran) to Islamabad (Pakistan)
    17-Jul-07 till 27-Jul-07 Esfahan and Shiraz: gem cities
Qazvin (Iran) to Shiraz (Iran)
    03-Jul-07 till 16-Jul-07 Two highlights in Iran
Hamadan (Iran) to Qazvin (Iran)
    22-Jun-07 till 02-Jul-07 First week in Iran
Erzurum (Turkey) to Hamadan (Iran)
    16-Jun-07 till 21-Jun-07 The journey has started
Istanbul (Turkey) to Erzurum (Turkey)
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