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    Call God if you encounter any problems
Kolkata (India) to Aurangabad (India)
    India here we come!
Mt Manaslu (Nepal) to Kolkata (India)
Beijing (China) to Mt Manaslu (Nepal)
    South Korea and Japan
Seoul (South Korea) to Beijing (China)
    Visa problems
Chengdu (China) to Seoul (South Korea)
    On the road with the six of us
Sainshand (Mongolia) to Chengdu (China)
    In the footsteps of Chinggis Khaan
Xīníng (China) to Sainshand (Mongolia)
    China’s southwest
Hong Kong (China) to Xīníng (China)
    10-Apr-10 till 10-May-10 On the way with Edwin’s parents
Manila (Philippines) to Hong Kong (China)
    28-Mar-10 till 09-Apr-10 The holy week
Naga (Philippines) to Manila (Philippines)
    11-Mar-10 till 27-Mar-10 Palawan
Coron (Philippines) to Naga (Philippines)
    15-Feb-10 till 10-Mar-10 What's in our backpacks
Hong Kong (China) to Coron (Philippines)
    23-Jan-10 till 14-Feb-10 The year of the tiger
Liǔzhōu (China) to Hong Kong (China)
    01-Jan-10 till 22-Jan-10 On our way through the karst provinces of China
Tunxi (China) to Liǔzhōu (China)
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