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    30,000 kilometres
Venice (Italy) to The Netherlands
    Churches and art
Palermo (Italy) to Venice (Italy)
    On to way to Sicily
Shkodra (Albania) to Palermo (Italy)
    Expensive cars and scenic routes
Osijek (Croatia) to Shkodra (Albania)
Kazanlak (Bulgaria) to Osijek (Croatia)
    Hard on the outside and soft on the inside
Tbilisi (Georgia) to Kazanlak (Bulgaria)
    An unexpected change of plans
Sighnaghi (Georgia) to Tbilisi (Georgia)
    Our first encounter with the Caucasus
Goris (Armenia) to Sighnaghi (Georgia)
    From border to border
Sulaymaniyah (Iraq) to Goris (Armenia)
Selcuk (Turkey) to Sulaymaniyah (Iraq)
    Turkey here we come
Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) to Selcuk (Turkey)
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