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June 2018 Weblog
Netherlands to Stockholm (Sweden), June 2018
After our return from Central America, we took our Land Cruiser out of the shed again and started driving north.
We had already a long-term wish to go camping for a summer in Scandinavia. And we thought that this should be the summer to do it. Our first stop was the Wadden Sea in the north of our own country, the only natural Unesco World Heritage Site we have.
Just before the border of Denmark, in northern Germany, we decided to stop to at a supermarket to do some last minute shopping. Alcohol is very expensive in Scandinavia, so we Googled to see what we can bring in tax-free, and bought it at this discounter.
Ribe is often seen as one of the prettiest kolonial towns in Denmark, so we had to go there to see it. It is indeed very pretty.
After a long time living from a backpack, we always look forward again to cook. Some people think that it is a dream to eat out every day, but believe us, after a while you dream about a kitchen and a well-stocked supermarket.
Denmark's West Coast is very similar to the Dutch West Coast.
Lunch at the Blåvandshuk Fyr, the most western point of Denmark.
And this is the highest point of Denmark, the so-called Himmelbjerget ("Sky Mountain"), with an impressive altitude of 147 meter. But that still lower dan the Dutch highest point, the Vaalserberg of 322 meter.
In Aarhus we go to the main square where they showed the World championship soccer game between Denmark and Australia. It was a disappointing 1-1.
But the fans were still satisfied. The sun and beer were the right medicine for the disappointing result.
The main tourist destination of Denmark is Copenhagen, the capital city. And within the city, the colourful Nyhavn (New Haven) is the place to go.
And of course, there is also this 'not so impressive' statue of the Little Mermaid, based on the fairy tale of the same name by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.
This is the Frederiks Church in central Copenhagen, just a stone throw away from Amalienborg, the residence of the Danish queen Margrethe II and her two sons Frederik and Joachim with their families.
The Øresund Bridge of 16 kilometers long, is the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. And you have to pay for it: 50 Euros for a normal car.
Varberg is a typical coastal town, somewehere between Malmö and Götenborg.
Sweden is the country of forests, forests, and many lakes.
Ths is camping Stenkällegården with a picture-pefect view.
The Tivedens National Park is the first national park we visit in Sweden. It represents the typical landscape of Sweden, forests and lakes.
The Tivedens National Park is also a great place to hike.
After almost a month, we reach Sweden's capital city: Stockholm.
One of the most impressive sights in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum. This museum shows the wreck of the Vasa ship, that sank in 1628 just after it sailed from the harbour. They found it in the 1950s and got it out of the water in 1961, after which they completely reconstructed it. So its not a replica. It the original ship!
And after all that culture in the museum, there was a colourful Brazilian procession in the streets of the city. A warm welcome in the new Sweden.
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