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July 2018 Weblog
Stockholm (Sweden) to Murmansk (Russia), July 2018
A beautiful lake at the campsite in Hedesunda (Sweden)
A drive through the Färnebofjärden National Park (Sweden)
We took the smaller roads in Sweden as much as possible. These roads are often gravel road of good quality. You won't see a lot of other cars here .
We did a lot of wild camping in Sweden. It's completely legal here and the better spots often have pit toilets and/or picnic tables.
The wilderness road (Vildmarksvagen) is seen as one of the more beautiful car routes in Sweden.
Nice view somewhere on the wilderness road.
Wherever you go in Sweden, it is beautiful everywhere.
The Bjornlandet National Park is a little bit remote, and for that reason very quiet.
And what is a visit to Sweden without a visit to an Ikea?
A leaking diesel hose. A new one is necessary.
The 'famous' church in Helsinki (Finland).
Hanko is a small town with some fantastic old wooden village from the times that the Russians still owned this piece of land.
Our exhaust is broken. We fixed it temporarily with some beer cans and some hose clamps, but we had to weld it.
Further to the north .
Great view in the Koli National Park.
Wild camping at the shore of a lake in Koli NP.
Patvinsuo National Park (Finland).
Reindeers are very common in the northern part of Finland. Most of them have reflectors around their necks to make them more visible. Some also carry gps-trackers so that their owners know where they hang-out.
We drive into Lapland in the district of Salla, near the Russian border.
Waterfall in the Oulanka National Park.
This reindeer judges if she dares to pass us.
We left Finland and are on Russian soil on our way to Murmansk.
Street in Moermansk with the typical Soviet appartment blocks in the background.
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