This section contains some recipes of the dishes that we made during our camping trips. Because we are traveling with limited kitchen equipment (e.g. no fridge, oven, etc), our dishes are adapted to the basic camping situation.

  Go to the recipe   Spread Tapas a la Salamanca (main course)
(Potes - Spain, August 2016)
During a hot summer night at a campsite in Salamanca (Spain) we spent a few hours to create a camping version of a 'Spread Tapas'. <more>
  Go to the recipe   Pasta d'Ivonne (main course)
(Salamanca - Spain, July 2016)
We must admit that we are not big fans of pasta dishes. The pasta itself doesn’t has a lot of flavour, while the sauces are often largely premanufactured and ‘meagre’ in ingredients. <more>
  Go to the recipe   Russian potato salad a la Marbella (main course)
(Fuengirola - Spain, May 2016)
The Costa del Sol in southern Spain has developed in recent years into a mega tourist destination. The beautiful golden beaches have had such an attraction on tourists and northern Europeans. <more>
  Go to the recipe   Portuguese kale soup from Ourique
(Ourique - Portugal, April 2016)
We stayed a few weeks in the southern part of the Portuguese Alentejo region, and wanted to prepare a local dish, of course with some of our own influences. <more>
  Go to the recipe   Couscous from Millau
(Millau - France, March 2016)
After a scenic drive through the Auvergne we arrive in the town of Millau with its famous bridge. We spent a few nights in this town in a little old bungalow and prepared a couscous meal. <more>
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