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Krakatau - the volcano of the volcanoes
(Jakarta - Indonesia, July 2008)

The most spectacular volcano that we saw on our trip so far, is definately the Krakatau volcano, in the see between the Indonesian islands Sumatra and Java. <more>
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Kerinci NP - climbing the volcano
(Bangko - Indonesia, July 2008)

Kerinci National Park hosts the highest volcano on Sumatra, the 3805 metres high Mout Kerici. We decided to climb this still active giant. <more>
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Gunung Leuser NP, visiting our orange-haired cousins
(Ketembe - Indonesia, June 2008)

Gunung Leuser NP is the national park on Sumatra to head to if you want to see our orange-haired cousins. It is one of worlds few places where you can still see them in the wild <more>
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Bako NP, home of the Proboscis Monkeys
(Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia, May 2008)

Bako National Park is one of the most accessible national parks in Sarawak, on Malaysian Borneo. But, it is still a beautiful park to visit with a lot of wildlife to see. <more>
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Inle Lake, a water oasis
(Mandalay - Myanmar, March 2008)

Many people say that the Inle Lake lost a part of its charm because of the huge number of tourists. They are right, but it is still a magical place to be, if you take your time. <more>
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Bagan, Myanmar's medieval cathedrals
(Nyangshwe - Myanmar, April 2008)

Everybody who brings a visit to Myanmar should at least go to the archaeological site of Bagan. It is a lifetime impression. <more>
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Sundarbans, world’s largest mangrove forest
(Khulna - Bangladesh, March 2008)

Before we arrived in Bangladesh, expected that the Bangladeshi Sundarbans would probably be one of the absolute highlights of our visit to Bangladesh. And yes, it was!. <more>
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St. Martin's Island - Bangladesh's tropical island
(Cox's Bazaar- Bangladesh, February 2008)

In the very far south of Bangladesh, you will find St. Martin's Island. It is a great place to take some days rest and to see how the Bangladeshi people enjoy beach life. <more>
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Majuli Island - worlds's biggest river island
(Agartala - India, February 2008)

In the very north-eastern part of India's state Assam, you will find world's biggest river island, called Majuli. A great place to spend some days if you are in the area. <more>
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Kaziranga N.P. - Assam's must-do attraction
(Majuli Island - India, January 2008)

One of the most fabulous national parks in India, is without any doubt Kaziranga National Park, in the very far Northeastern part of India. <more>
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People of Nepal - smiling faces everywhere
(Darjeerling -India, January 2008)

Nepal is known for the hospitality and friendliness of its people. From the far west to the far east, everywhere you will find the smiling faces of the Nepalese. <more>
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Tamang Heritage Trail, explore rural Nepal
(Kathmandu -Nepal, January 2008)

On most popular trekking routes in Nepal, the authentic Nepal is not there anymore. If you still want to see rural Nepal, consider the Tamang Heritage Trail. <more>
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Little Rann Sanctuary, home of the wild asses
(Ahmedabad - India, December 2007)

A great sanctuary to visit in the state of Gujarat is the Little Rann Sanctuary. This is the last place in the world where you can find the wild asses in the wild . <more>
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Diu, time for a break
(Jamnagar - India, November 2007)

Travelling in India is hectic and sometimes very confronting. Busy trains, a lot of attention on the streets, extreme poverty and heavy pollution. For that reason, we needed a break. <more>
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Dussehra Festival in Kota - banging the bad spirits away
(Udaipur- India, October 2007)

During the Dussehra Festival the victory of the good over the bad is celebrated. This celebration is especially spectacular in the city of Kota (Rajasthan). <more>
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Keoladeo Ghana N.P. - awakening the birdwatcher in you
(Sawai Madhopur- India, October 2007)

Keoladeo Ghana N.P. is a Unesco World Heritage site. It is recognised as one of the most important bird-breeding and feeding grounds in the world. <more>
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Sariska Sanctuary and Alwar - off the beaten track
(Bharatpur - India, October 2007)

After two weeks in Delhi and Jaipur, we needed a more quiet environment. We decided to travel to Alwar to visit this small town and the nearby Sariska Sanctuary. <more>
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Trekking in Ladakh, land of the high passes
(Leh - India, September 2007)

Our initial plan was to do the trekking to the K2-basecamp, in the north of Pakistan. This trekking to the K2-basecamp is already high and long on our wish list. <more>
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Spituk Monastery - a day with the monks
(Leh -India, September 2007)

We were lucky enough to spend a full day with the monks of the Spituk Monastery. It was a special day, because today they destroyed the 'Mandala'. <more>
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Wagah - boasting at the border
(Mcleod Ganj - India, August 2007)

Since 1948, a daily ceremony takes place at the border between India and Pakistan. This spectacle is a mix between choreographed theatre, and real national rivalry. <more>
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Esfahan - jewel of ancient Persia
(Shiraz - Iran, July 2007)

Its great to travel off the beaten track. But some highlights should not be missed. Esfahan is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Iran and one of the nicest cities in the Islamic world. <more>
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Mt. Damavand: Climbing a heavy smoker
(Tehran - Iran, July 2007)

Mt. Damavand isn’t just a mountain; this 5671 meter high mountain fills the Iranians with pride. He isn’t only 800 metres higher than the Mont Blanc, but it is also a fervent emitter of sulphur. <more>
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The spectacular Howraman Valley
(Kermanshah - Iran, July 2007)

In the central west part of Iran, you will find the Howraman valley. This valley is located in the most spectacular part of Kurdish Iran, where you can still find traditional villages. <more>
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Cape Verde: Great hiking and much more
(Praia - Cape Verde, November 2006)

Cape Verde is a group of beautiful islands just outside the coast of Western Africa. The great diversity of the islands is probably its geatest asset. <more>
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Brava & Fogo: Hiking paradises in Cape Verde
(Mosteiros - Cape Verde, November 2006)

Despite the fact that Brava does not have real acknowledged highlights, it appears to be a great island for hiking. Fogo on the other side, has its spectacular Pico. <more>
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The Trans Siberia Express in wintertime
(Vladivostok - Russia, March 2004)

One of the most famous train rides on our planet goes from Moscow to Vladivostok over more than 9000 kilometres and 7 time zones. <more>
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Bagan by bicycle
(Myanmar - Mandalay, November 2002)

Without any doubt, Bagan is the most impressive destination in Myanmar (former Burma), and probably also in the whole of south East Asia. <more>
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The magic of Schwedagon
(Myanmar - Mandalay, November 2002)

An absolute highlight of every visit to Myanmar is a visit to the Schwedagon pagoda. This pagoda is situated on the top of the Singuttara hill, in an outskirt of Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar.<more>
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The serene rest of the Akakus Mountains
(Sebha - Libya, July 1999)

There are some places in the world that are exceptional beautiful. The Akakus mountains in the very south of Libya is such a place. <more>
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22,000 kilometers in 8 weeks
(Moscow - Russia, July 1996)

It is the summer of 1996 and we started a tour of 8 weeks through some of the countries that were part of the former Soviet Union. <more>
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