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Bialowieza NP - Europe's last vestiges of primeval forest
(Sandomierz - Poland, August 2013)

Bialowieza National Park in the eastern part of Poland, at the border with Belarus, is a very special national park. It is one of Europe’s last vestiges of primeval forest. <more>
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Vilnius, baroque beauty of the Baltic
(Vilnius - Lithuania, August 2013)

Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city, was the last capital city we visited in the Baltic States. It is often called the baroque capital of the Baltic, and we can see why. <more>
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Aukštaitija National Park, beautiful and traditional
(Vilnius - Lithuania, August 2013)

The Aukštaitija National Park was the last national park we visited during our trip to the Baltic States. And to be honest, it was the one we enjoyed most. <more>
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Tallinn - Disney wonderland
(Vosu - Estonia, July 2013)

Tallinn is one of Europe's most charming capital cities. But the beauty of the city has its downturn. The town is nowadays more a Disney wonderland then a lively city. <more>
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Riga - Latvia's medieval capital city
(Kuressaare - Estonia, July 2013)

Some people call Riga the ‘Paris of the North’. But that’s not fair enough for this city. Riga is a gem by itself. It has the largest and most impressive showing of Art Nouveau architecture in Europe. <more>
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Gdansk - Poland's northern metropolis
(Kaunas - Lithuania, July 2013)

One of the cities we definitely wanted to see in Poland was the city Gdansk. This beautiful city (formerly known as Danzig) has a very rich history, not only in the far past, but also very recent. <more>
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Jasmund NP - a wonderful beech forest
(Rügen Island - Germany, June 2013)

On the German Island Rügen, in the far north of the country, you will find a beautiful national Park: Jasmund NP; listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. <more>
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Fergana Valley - an authentic part of Uzbekistan
(Osh - Kyrgyzstan, April 2013)

The Fergana Valley is often overlooked by travellers visiting Uzbekistan. Most of them hurry to places like Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva. And that is a pity. <more>
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Samarkand - the Silk Road's most famous city
(Tashkent - Uzbekistan, March 2013)

Alexander the Great wrote in 329 BC after a visit to Samarkand: “Everything I heard about Samarkand is true, except for the fact that it is more beautiful than I expected”. <more>
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Bukhara - Central Asia's holiest city
(Samarkand - Uzbekistan, March 2013)

Bukhara is not only Central Asia's holiest city, it is also one of the major cities on the world famous Silk Road. And to make it even better, many of the centuries old buildings are preserved. <more>
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Esfahan - jewel of ancient Persia ... 2013 visit
(Yazd - Iran, March 2013)

For the third we visited the beautiful city of Esfahan in central Iran. A lot changed over the years, but the place is still a jewel not to miss. <more>
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Kashan - too beautiful to bypass
(Esfahan - Iran, February 2013)

Most travellers decide to bypass the town of Kashan on their way from Tehran to Esfahan or vice versa. And that is a pity, because Kashan has enough to keep you busy. <more>
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Tehran's bazaar - one million shops!
(Kashan - Iran, February 2013)

A visit to Tehran’s bazaar is a sensation. We were told by locals that Tehran’s bazaar is the world’s largest, with more than a million shops!. <more>
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Tehran - Iran's capital city
(Tehran - Iran, February 2013)

Tehran is a very busy and traffic wise a chaotic city. It is a challenge for pedestrians to get around in the city. But once you got some experience and courage, it isn’t that bad. <more>
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Oman - exceptionally beautiful
(Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, January 2013)

Oman is an example of a country where you need your own set of wheels to fully enjoy it. There is a limited form of public transport and many sights are remote. So, we decided to rent a 4WD. <more>
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Doha - Qatar's window to the world
(Muscat - Oman, January 2013)

Doha is Qatar's centre point of gravity. The economic boom of this tiny Gulf country is most visible here. Skyscrapers rise from the desert sand like mushrooms. <more>
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Manama - Bahrain's capital city
(Doha - Qatar, January 2013)

Manama is the capital city of Bahrain and one of the major cities in the region. Manama means 'sleepy city', but is this a true description for this city? <more>
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Kuwait City - where tradition meets modernity
(Manama - Bahrain, December 2012)

Kuwait was for us the introduction to the Gulf Region. We decided to go and we didn't regret it. Kuwait City is a city where Arabic traditions meet the modernity of the oil era. <more>
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Papua's Baliem Valley - still very traditional & fascinating
(Wamena - Indonesia, October 2012)

The Baliem Valley is a popular travel destination in Papua. At first we were reluctant to go there, but we eventually did. And we didn't regret it. It is still a very traditional and fascinating destination. <more>
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Wasur NP: a perfect Papuan experience
(Merauke - Indonesia, August 2012)

It is already a long standing dream to visit Papua. We were one time in Papua before, in 2009, when we only visited the Arfak Mountains near the city of Manokwari in the Vogelkop-area. <more>
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Banda Islands - a visit to the spice islands
(Ambon - Indonesia, June 2012)

There are not many places in Indonesia that are interesting for both for its natural beauty and its history. The remote group of spice islands called the Banda Islands is such a destination. <more>
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Kei Islands - Maluku's beach paradise
(Ambon - Indonesia, June 2012)

When you ask people about a beach paradise in Indonesia, there is a good chance that they mention Bali. But ssssttt ... there is a much better one: the Kei Islands. <more>
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Tiruchirappalli, one of South India's temple cities
(Kodaikanal - India, February 2012)

Tiruchirappalli is one of the main temple cities in the south of India (Tamil Nadu province). It is maybe not as famous as 'competitor' Madurai, but the experience is certainly not less impressive. <more>
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Chennai, perfect gateway to India's south
(Tiruvannamalai - India, February 2012)

Chennai is India's fourth largest city. It doesn't have a lot of tourist attractions, but the city is still a perfect gateway to India's south. <more>
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Meteora, a fairy-tale experience in Greece
(Iria Beach - Greece, November 2011)

One of the most beautiful sites in Greece is Meteora, a fairy-tale kind of area in Northern Greece. But it can be crowded, so come after the main season. <more>
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Albania, different sides
(Delphi - Greece, November 2011)

Albania was always one of the least known destinations in Europe for us. It is not often in the news, so it is difficult to get a idea of this small Balkan country. <more>
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Thailand's night markets - mouth watering street food
(Patong Beach - Thailand, June 2011)

The Thai people love their food and have an outgoing personality, which has led to food stalls on nearly every street corner. Tasting street food is one of the must-do's in Thailand. <more>
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A brief introduction to Sri Lanka's violent past
(Nuwara Eliya - Sri Lanka, March 2011)

When you talk about Sri Lanka, many people still connect the country to the Tamil Tigers' struggle for an independent state in the east and north of the country. A brief introduction <more>
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Bundala NP - Yala NP - Sinharaja Forest Reserve
(Ella - Sri Lanka, February 2011)

Most people come to Sri Lanka to enjoy themselves on one of the many and beautiful beaches. But the country has so much more to offer, some great national parks for example. <more>
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Varanasi - brace yourself
(Bodhgaya - India, November 2010)

We looked forward to our visit to the city of Varanasi with mixed feelings. Varanasi is one of the holiest cities for Hindus and is known for the many pilgrims that visit the city every year. <more>
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