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Replacement of a rear axle shaft (Toyota BJ45)
(Granada - Spain, May 2016)

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Traveling with an old car is not always without problems; and that’s even true for our old Toyota BJ45 jeep. Over the years, we did already some part replacements, but .... <more>
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(Venice - Italy, November 2014)
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Travelling by private car is a perfect way to see a country. We decided to buy an old 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser to travel a part of our journey by car. Here some picture from on the road. <more>
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(Shkodra - Albania, September 2014)
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Albania has still an extensive network of dirt roads, making the country a great destination for travellers with a jeep or any other 4x4 vehicle. <more>
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Sand, mud, dust and steep hills
(Gartow - Germany, June 2013)

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We eventually departed for the second time with our Land Cruiser. We decided a couple of years ago to buy this 4-wheel drive jeep because of its simplicity and the fact that the car is strong. <more>
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With the backpack again
(Bangkok - Thailand, January 2012)

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Two months ago, we started a test drive through Eastern Europe and Greece with our Toyota Land Cruiser. The result however, was very surprising. <more>
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The overhaul of our 1984 Toyota Landcruiser BJ45
(Netherlands, September 2011)

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It is already a dream for a years to do a part of our journey by car. The dream is almost coming true. We bought an old Toyota Landcruiser and are preparing it for the next stretch of our trip. <more>
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In search of a Land Cruiser
(Perhintian Islands - Malaysia, May 2011)

It is already a dream for years to travel a part of our journey by private car. And because finding a suitable car isn’t an easy task, we started already at the end of 2010 with the search. <more>
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