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On this website we share our experiences of the journey that we started in June 2007.

Have fun!

Last update site: January 21st 2018 (San Miguel, El Salvador)


"Kuwait was in our opinion the most enjoyable place to visit in the Arabian Gulf. Edwin is here posing with an Iranian butcher on the market of Kuwait City "
[Kuwait City, Kuwait]
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"This was our bird watching team in Wasur NP in Indonesian Papua. It is a great place to see Birds of Paradise"
[Merauke, Indonesia]
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"We travelled some part of our journey by our own 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45"

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When we are camping, we like to cook! And not just pasta with a pre-fabricated bolonaise sauce, but a good, tasty and healthy meal.

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In June 2007 we started our long wished journey over the planet. We have a planned route which can off course change during the journey as result of many circumstances. We will keep both the travelled and planned route up-to-date on this website.

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From all the former Soviet Republics we visited so far (13 out of 15), we found Armenia the most Soviet-authentic
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"Uzbekistan is a picture-perfect country in Central Asia "
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"Kurdish Iraq was an interesting place to visit. Unfortunately, it isn't safe anymore due to the Islamic State (IS) "
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"India is a place to love and hate at the same time"
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